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Squeeze Box Baby

What do the Netherlands, an accordion and amazing bubbles all have in common? Jetty Swart, the quirky, beat-boxing, chicken-clucking, foot-stomping Dutch girl. Bwuuuuck!

The untamed and inimitable Jet Black Pearl (Jetty Swart and band) from the port of Amsterdam spent many years in the south of France before settling in Portland in 2014. She has performed on more than a thousand stages all over the world. Intelligently zany, her songs sound like a mad hatter's European gypsy tea party with a punk attitude.


Jetty Swart - Loop Jams

I asked Jetty to improvise some gibberish at home.


Comments from Dan P-C:  Jetty's vocal and dynamic range are amazing. Her style is novel and quirky enough to cause people to take notice - but is catchy and danceable. It can also be heartfelt and warm - even melancholic.

Project Focus:  I envision a novelty project 75% quirky/cabaret/edgy, even comedic, and 25% sweet and haunting.

Application:  This could be used in offbeat commercials, drama, stage performances, anything european and outside the box. The use of multiple languages opens many possibilities. Lyrics would be kept simple, and translation (unless absolute gibberish per the video demo above) would be provided in order to assure end user of their content.



Jet Black Pearl - Live

Jetty sometimes performs with her husband, The Amazing Bubble Man (see video).