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Living Green
2015 Production Music cd for Firstcom Music

Released by Firstcom Music in 2015, this project was conventional in many respects - a combination of bowed strings and acoustic guitar. But something was fundamentally different. Here is the concept as it was originally pitched... ...continue reading "Living Green"

Roadside Couch records (subsidiary of Firstcom Music) released Big Whisper during the first quarter of 2013.

Daniel Portis-Cathers & Rand Bishop at Big Whisper Release Party
Daniel & Rand at BW Release Party

This 16-song collection of music for film and television boasts a sensational collection of singers from Portland, OR and Nashville. Writers/producers Daniel Portis-Cathers and Rand Bishop tackle relationship complexities with "songs that cut to the heart of modern romance and sum up the struggle for meaning and recognition in an increasingly chaotic world".

A release party was hosted by ...continue reading "Big Whisper Release"